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While other companies made promises - Purplepass delivered. They have worked to create a system that fits our unique situation of handling 45 to 60 different performers on any given month.

I couldn't be more pleased and look forward to building out business with them.

General Manager at the Duplex Cabaret NYC

Owner of The Gourmet Detective

Purplepass staff provided prompt, expert, courteous service for all of our training and design needs [...]  They are thoughtful and proactive in their thinking, and are committed to staying abreast of technology changes that could impact their customers.

We are very happy with Purplepass!

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Check out some of the newest features added to our website for you and your customers; easy to use and manage both front and backend.

Brand new features

Language support

Current options include English, Spanish, Russian and French.

Pixel conversion tracking

Use these conversion pixels to measure the success of your buying process.

Fully optimized for the latest google SEO standards. Tested and proved.

Purplepass' new look is just the beginning!

Announcing our public 'beta' launch - Try out our event ticketing software and experience new features like improved SEO, mobile-friendly support, upgraded ticket widgets, custom color themes and more!


Welcome to the future of ticketing

** The current update focuses on the front end customer buying experience. Which includes website design, assigned seating and ticket widgets. Stay tuned for more updates on the management interface soon!

A clean and modern design

You asked, we answered!! 

Finally, a fresh, modern look to present your events with. Including a better way to feature images and media, integrated maps, ticket widgets and more. 

  Improved  shopping cart experience
  Modernized ticket widgets
  More discoverable events!

New and improved seating maps

The all new, next-gen assigned seating system is extremely fast, user-friendly on all device types and brings a better all-around experience to selecting seats.

If you have an assigned seating event, email and we can help make sure your event is set up on the new seating system.

  Customization options (colors, icons, images, etc.)
  Lightning-fast loading times
  Auto Social Distancing Tool - 
Learn more

Easy to use

A user-friendly layout that makes discovering events easy! Plus SEO optimization to increase exposure.

Mobile friendly

Our website works on every device type and size; every event will be accessible. 

New features

Not just a new look! But an event ticketing software with more customization options for event promoters.

Assigned seating

All new seating system that is extremely fast, mobile friendly with support for social distancing!

SEO techniques

We've built our new website around speed, functionality, support, and convenience from start to finish. An entirely optimized experience for you and your guests.

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