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Will call & box office

Guests can go to the box office to pick up will call tickets in advance.

Ticketing equipment for a better check-in and registration experience

Running a successful event is inherently connected to your equipment.

You need printers, scanners, POS systems, and event software to ensure a smooth admissions process.

But with so many event equipment vendors and solutions on the market, how do you know what you really need?


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Advanced selling & merchandise

Want to know what event managers’ biggest challenge has been the last few years?

Achieving a successful ROI. Sure! Ticket sales can pad your pockets, but what if there was a way to create an additional revenue stream at your event that would rake in the big bucks?

That’s event merchandise. 

Shirts, stickers, coffee mugs, and tote bags may seem like an afterthought for event managers busy putting together a festival. But that’s a mistake. Purplepass offers an advanced selling mode that is designed for selling merchandise and ticket-add ons during checkout. 

We have had all of the big companies like Flavorus & Ticket Fly come through our venue asking to sign up with us but in the end it comes down to the fact that the ease of use with Purplepass and the customer service aspect is 5-star in every way.

The Box Office POS system they provide us with is HEADS & SHOULDERS above that of any other ticketing platform we have had experience with – it is by far the easier user interface and makes editing our events and selling tickets at the door a complete breeze."

- Amber Frye. Somewhere Loud Event Center

Mobile box office

Check guests in using a mobile box office and print tickets on the spot.

Scan tickets

Guests can choose print-at-home or digital tickets to be scanned at the gate.

Depending on your event's needs, size, venue, and other external factors, here is our list of the event admission equipment we recommend to all our promoters.

Pro Wireless scanners

When it’s time for the big day, your goal is to get people through the gate fast, limiting long lines.

With wireless scanners, your event staff will have the freedom to move throughout the lines and check tickets to scan people in or for authenticity.

• 1,000 guests per scanner/hour
• 5 hour battery life of constant use
• External battery packs

Receipt printers

With the rise of digital printing, traditional 
paper-based receipt printers may seem like they're slowly growing obsolete.

Get this. Over two-thirds of Americans still prefer to receive paper receipts over digital.

• Print barcoded tickets
• Print receipts
• Assigned seating printing

Boca printers

Sure! You can opt to go with the tried-and-true classic paper printer, but Boca printers have changed the game.

They can print QR codes. Meaning, you can eliminate the step of ordering tickets, and print high-quality ones at the gate for all your events.

• General admission tickets
• Pre-print bulk ticket stock
• Assigned seating ticket printing
• Print at the door

Mobile box office

Need to be mobile while checking guests in?

Our mobile box office is easy to use, wireless, battery operated, built-in T-Mobile 4G internet, and has a built-in ticket scanner and credit card reader.

• Sell tickets, merchandise, concessions
• Look up orders
• Replace tickets
• Issue refunds or void tickets
• Process payments
• Email receipts
• and so much more!

Web-based box office & USB gear

If you have your own computer, why waste money renting another device ... just use your own!

If you're promoting an event with Purplepass, you can access your mobile box office anytime, anywhere from your own computer.

USB accessories can be plugged into any standard USB port to make event management easy, with minimal equipment required.

• Check in will call guests
• Look up orders
• Quick customer support
• Issue refunds, replace and/or void tickets
• Sell at the door
• View real-time admission stats
• and more!

Onsite server

Alright! You have wireless scanners, a mobile box office solution, receipt printers, and Boca printers. You’re ready to absolutely dominate the gate at your event, right?

Yup! Well... unless your server goes down.

Server failure rates are as high as 18%. You can’t risk losing access to all of your equipment and date come event day.

A client-care representative can walk you through
your account setup and help you determine what equipment you'll need.

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".. the Purplepass support team was very helpful resolving our issues. We processed over 1500 tickets..."

- SEF Seattle

"...The wonderful Purplepass team came out to our event, trained volunteers (on event day) and in less than 10 minutes they were ready to go! ..."

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